Jenny (mimsmom) wrote in flip_house,

Slowly but surely.....

We hacked some more in the backyard today. Even though it still looks like crap back there, it's a HUGE improvement.


A little closer to "After":

The roof is D O N E!!!! Holla! :)
TOmorrow I'm heading to Menards to price out cabinets for the kitchen. I measured everything and made my cute little drawing to bring with me. Me and Paul are having our first "disagreement" on the house. He wants light cabinets and I want medium oak colored. We'll see..........*shrugs shoulders*
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Deleted comment

I have 4-5 more loads of FUCKING ROCKS for you! Nana, it's terrible, they're everywhere!
I can't see the damn pictures because I am at work but if you vote for Paul's choice, then I vote for Pauls' choice :)

We sisters have to stick together.
Yay for the roof being done.
That is awesome.