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One thing that I've realized is that it's hard as hell to work on a house when you have kids. Any age. Mim was all excited and helped a lot at the start, she's now sick of it and wants nothing to do with it. I get eyerolls when she gets home from school and I tell her that we're going back to the house.

Right now my brother in law is at the house breaking up the concrete in the bathroom. Half of the house is on a slab, so that's the only way to fix the plumbing. I hate that he's there and I'm not, but he won't even let me in the house!! The dust that's coming up from the concrete is terrible. It would be ok if it was just me, but there's no way that I can bring Maci there.

I really need to take some more pictures. I'll do that today. But, for now, here's one of Jamie working in the bathroom last night. The wall is down and the clay is gone. He was using a smaller tool for the floor but ended up bringing the jackhammer today.

Oh and for my reference, here's a few light fixtures that I like for the livingroom room:

The middle one.
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Yeah I remember once when we painted. The kids were excited and then about 2 hours into it, they disappeared......
Amanda was SUPER helpful at first. Now, she's totally over it. LOL She was all about trying to get up on the roof with Paul, though. Unfortunately, she lost that battle. If she's anything like me, the last place she needs to be is up on a fricking roof!!
LOL. Can you imagine. That would be funny. I certainly don't need to be up there. I'd fall and kill myself.

My kids are the same way. That's why I (now) make sure if I start something, I can finish it alone because I know I won't have a lot of help from them.

Deleted comment

Is he showing some plumbers crack?!! :P
I am no help but I know my brother said that in his houses he goes for the frosted and ..It looks like stainless steel but not, maybe nickel or something fixtures. he said it matches all decor and holds value when you go to sell the house, like stainless steel appliances sell a house. So, I like the middle one in the first picture too.

I have no idea how much they cost but I know it all adds up I bet.
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