Jenny (mimsmom) wrote in flip_house,

Day 3

More rocks! The neighbor came with and helped me with rocks today. We hauled our first load out to the Wiber and I managed to break one of the wooden steps. Ugh! Nana said not to worry about it, but I'm hoping to get a new board to replace it tomorrow. We got back and loaded another load. I think that's the 4th pickup truck full of rocks. I need to take a picture of my poor truck. It's even worse this time than it's been. I think we may have overloaded it a bit.

Water hookup: The village came and turned on the water today. Unfortunately, even though it's coming to the house, it's not making it to the faucets or toilet. There's galvanized pipes in the basement that must be corroded. I have a plumber coming out tomorrow for an estimate. Poop! By the end of the day, I was getting a little drip in the kitchen sink and the tub. I think the pipes are probably so full of junk since it was off for so long.

Gas hookup: We need to replace one gas line in the basement. It's a rusty mess. No leak to the gas line in the kitchen. I didn't try the furnace yet. I have someone coming to check that too. I'm not even going to turn it on until it's looked at. No leaks though so that's good.

Dumpster: Man oh man!!! Most places have a 7-10 day limit. I ended up finding a place that allows us to have the dumpster for 30 days and $2 a day after that. 30 yd dumpster= $470.00. Boo!

Starting the roof this week. Need to get supplies ordered and figure out when they will deliver them. Then we'll start the tear off.

~~~~Oh crap, I hear firetrucks. Why is it that the first thing that came to my mind is "I hope they're not going to our house!!!"?~~~~

Let's see, what else? Spirits are good. Maci was an angel. I brought a tv over there so she could watch cartoons. Mim isn't too happy about it since it was her tv. LOL

Oh, I'm gonna go take a picture....

**runs outside in jammies**

My four wheel drive truck looks like a low rider!!

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