Jenny (mimsmom) wrote in flip_house,

Day 2

Paul's parents beat us to the house. He was on his way there and I was on my way to drop off a load of rocks from the night before. Today was full of cutting the backyard, killing our weedwip, and MORE ROCKS!

I have to be at the house tomorrow from 8am-noon to have the gas and water turned on. Once the water is on, I can start cleaning a little more. I need to TRY to clean the toilet. It's getting removed, but it would be nice to use for awhile until the bathroom gets gutted. It's seriously gross though and I don't know if all the cleaning products in the world will help. I'll also be collecting another load of rocks tomorrow. I'm on my 3rd pickup truck full and haven't even started in the backyard yet. :( BOO!

Well, that's it for now....
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